Gordon Brown has recently declared that he will use the law to reduce the amount of plastic bags given by supermarkets in the next 12 months…at the same time it was revealed that government departments gave out over 1 million branded bags last year for promotions and marketing…that made me laugh, so typical!

I think it’s a good idea though. It’s turned into a bit of a game for Josh and I now (“tut tut you got a plasic bag?!) and we try not to get any bags from shops.
This is probably helped by that fact that we get our veg in a box and the shop doesn’t offer them unless you specifically ask, but the amount of times that high street shop assistants reach for a bag for something that could easily fit in a pocket or handbag just shows the lack of thought that goes with our throw away society.

It just needs another load of publicity to get people thinking about it, and planning ahead. Go on, take the challenge, and stop this.

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  1. it can be quite a struggle, sometimes, insisting on not getting a bag. Taking your goods out of the bag they automatically put it in, and into my own (slightly grubby) cloth bag.. its as thought they have not heard of the idea..