I love storms in Aberystwyth

You may have picked up from the news that Aberystwyth is one of the places that has been affected by the recent mix of high spring tides and stormy weather.
I love living in Aberystwyth when it’s like this, it’s such a great place to see the weather. To be honest I have seen worse here though. December 2006 saw paving slabs being ripped up and thrown across the road and parts of the sea wall being demolished. My friend’s car had a dent in the roof just from the weight of the water from waves coming over the sea wall onto the road! 

Josh and I went down to see what was happening (from a safe distance!) last night at high tide but apart from the waves coming over the sea wall it wasn’t that impressive! I still love it though because there is such a sense of community when it’s stormy/very sunny/snowy. Everyone comes together to enjoy it!

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