Versatile Vegetable Bolognese Recipe

I realise that I keep mentioning ‘Vegetable Bolognese’ in my detox diaries so I thought I would share the recipe with you as it is delicious.

I first got the idea off the BBC good-food website when my sister and family came to stay as I needed an easy vegetarian option to serve 6.
However since then it appears to have disappeared off their website, and I have adapted it for my own cooking anyway…

Individual vegetables can be left out or substituted with pretty much any others you have in the fridge, the dish is so versatile.
It can be served with spaghetti to make vegetarian spaghetti bolognese. It is really nice mixed in with brown rice or served with a helping of mashed sweet potato, or can be used as a light lunch served over a baked/jacket potato.  

To Serve 4 People....

  • 1 tbsp olive oil

  • 1 onion

  • 1 garlic clove

  • Courgette

  • 2 celery sticks

  • 1 pepper

  • 1 carrot

  • 100g Red Lentils

  • 500ml Vegetable Stock

  • 400g Chopped Tomatoes

  • Parmesan cheese (cheddar is fine!)

1. Chop all vegetables (chop finely for serving with spagetti, but when serving with rice or potato it is nicer to keep some more chunks).
2. Fry onion and garlic in the oil for a couple of minutes. Add all other vegetables and fry for another minute.
3. Add lentils, stock and chopped tomatoes. Simmer for 15/20 minutes until sauce has reduced down.
4. Serve with grated cheese over the top. 

Why not add a pinch of chilli flakes to give it some kick?


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