We had such a lovely Sunday. The weather was absolutely stunning although it was bitterly cold. We drove to Ynys Hir straight after church and spent a great afternoon there.

Ynys Hir is a reserve which contains ancient woodland, wet grassland, salt marshes and lots of hides, so there is plenty to do.

Unfortunately we did not see a marsh or hen harrier which is what we were really hoping to see but we saw many of the other usual characters you would expect in this type of habitat.I even got a bit sunburnt which is ridiculous for February!

Anyway, not a long post today, but I will leave you with some photos…


Frozen Lake at Ynys Hir  Ancient Woodland Ynys Hir Ynys Hir View

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  1. lifeattheendoftheroad19 February 2008 at 06:17

    Aren't hen harriers something else? I've not seen one for a while, I used to see one regularly when I lived on Scalpay and another at the south end of Raasay occaisionally. I allways wondered if it was the same one as it was only a couple of miles apart as the crow flies so to speak. Saw a sparrowhawk yesterday twice once flying and once perched on a rock. It was small but magnificent.