Happy Valentine's Day

It’s Valentines Day so I guess the tally of proposals and romantic acts will be hitting an annual high right about now.

For those who know me you have probably heard me ranting on about Valentine’s day and know that I am a total scrooge on February the fourteenth.
Fine, it’s nice to show love and affection for those you care about, but why on February fourteenth? People are only doing it because adverts have drummed it into their brain that they have to shower their loved one with gifts to show them that they care, and if you don't get a card from a secret admirer you are some sort of loser.
In my opinion you should be showing it every day, not necessarily with gifts or cards and DEFINATLEY not with a pointless fluffy heart that says ‘I love you’! (Luckily Josh feels the same!)

I found this article about proposing which just highlights my point completely. I mean come on, hiring a proposal planner?! Spending over $15,000 on a proposal?! People have far more money than sense. Just imagine what you could buy for people who have absolutely nothing for $15,000. 

I’m not saying you shouldn’t spend money on your wedding, that would be totally hypocritical of me. I just think people need to forget the consumerism and go back to the heart of things.  
Josh’s proposal was absolutely perfect and all he had was his words, oh and God threw in a beautiful sunset too!


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