Detox Diary - Day two

I don’t think I have actually mentioned the reason why I am detoxing.
This isn’t just another food fad, so please don’t dismiss it as one! I have been feeling very tired and ill lately. I am normally a very active, healthy person so this has been making me feel rubbish. I think part of the reason is being stuck in the office without proper exercise and eating too many unhealthy things that people bring in. 

I have heard detoxing is a good way to clear your system and to feel great so I thought I would give it a go. It might also help me identify if I have an intolerance to anything which is making me feel sluggish. I have also taken up twice-weekly aerobics and started jogging so if I don’t feel fab by the end of the week I will have something to say about it! 

To be honest, I am already feeling better. Sleeping better and have more energy. Horrah! 

Day 2
Porridge with raisins and dried apricot
1 glass of orange juice
1 glass of water 

1 glass of water

Spicy Carrot Soup
Rice Cake 

4 glasses of water
Sunflower Seeds 

Brown rice with courgette, celery, red onion, mushrooms and pumpkin seeds
Natural Yoghurt with honey

Plain popcorn
Flapjack (made with oil and honey)
2 glasses of water 

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