Count down to detox - 6 days to go

There are bound to be strong reactions to this.
I have found that either people think (a) it’s a ridiculous idea (the husband’s reaction), (b) they think it’s a good idea, but they couldn’t do it, or (c) they think it’s a really good idea and want to do it with me.
 I now have 3 other people doing the 7-day detox with me, and we are starting next Thurday.

I’m not doing a ‘proper’ detox that includes fasting or taking mixtures which improve digestion or anything – just eating healthily for 7 days, drinking A LOT of water, and cutting out meat, dairy products, wheat, alcohol, coffee and tea, processed food or sauces, salt, snacks and sweets. 

This shouldn’t be too difficult. I already eat the type of breakfast that they suggest in the plan (porridge made with water with fruit and yoghurt), and plan to make vegetable soups in advance for lunch. Evening meals, I think, will be a little harder as Josh will want to eat 'proper' meals.
However, I’m allowed potatoes, fish, quorn and brown rice so there are several staples we can combine with vegetables to make decent meals.

I'll keep you updated!

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