Local Exchanges

I have just discovered Aberystwyth LETS and think it’s the coolest thing ever (apparently loads of people already know about it, but it’s news to me!).

For those also not in the know it’s a UK run trading scheme which consists of local people who exchange all kinds of goods and services with minimal use of cash. “It's a self-help community initiative which cuts debt and cash costs”.
The Aberystwyth network trade using a currency called the ‘Rheidol’. You get credits for services you offer and buy things with the credits you earn…
In other words I could get paid so many Rheidol for making a cake, which I could then spend on getting my car fixed, which they could then spend on getting their dog walked. Apparently the possibilities are endless!

I am going to talk to Josh about it tonight as there is a membership subscription for the year (£5 or £3 unwaged) but I really think we might join. It seems like such a good idea, to work and meet people in the community, to use your gifts in ways that you normally couldn’t get money for, and to save money on things that are normally quite expensive! 

The website for Aberystwyth is http://www.aberlets.org.uk/ but there are networks all over the country. Search here for them

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  1. This sounds like a great idea, thanks for the post.