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Introducing Gwennan Margaret.

Born on Wednesday 16th August at 4.06pm weighing 6lb 12oz.

Gwennan was born by elective caesarean almost two weeks ago, and the past days have been spent in a babymoon cacoon of resting, healing and snuggling.

We are all absolutely smitten with this new addition to our clan! The girls were so excited to meet her (as you can see from their expressions below, when they got their first cuddle) and have been so gentle and loving towards her.

My birth experience and recovery has been so positive this time around, especially as feeding is going surprisingly smoothly. I had geared myself up for a month of pain, as I experienced with both my other girls but things seems to have clicked into place and it is has made things so much more relaxed.

We've got a few more days before the schools go back and the bubble bursts and reality bites so I'm soaking it all up for now!

I will be posting more regularly on Instagram than on here so you can follow along there to see what we're up to.

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More of Ireland

I have got into the habit of making little videos of our family holidays. Shaky camera hand and bad editing aside they provide a nice record of our times away and the girls love watching them over and over again. I thought you might like to take a look too!

Some commentary:

0.07sec: Our journey over on the ferry took three and a half hours. This clip was taken before I had to go and sit on the cold and windy deck and pretend I didn't feel seasick while Josh took the kids to soft play!

0.22sec: The view over the area we were staying. Our cottage was down next to the water in the far left of the frame.

0.26sec: Playing on Derrynane beach which was near to our cottage. Ivy absolutely loved this beach and this clip was taken just before she went and played in the sea. I really wish I had an 'after' photo when she was all wet and sandy and had the biggest grin on her face.

0.32sec: The girls playing in puddles at Derreen gardens - one of my favourite finds of the holiday. We just happened to come across it when we were aimlessly driving on one of our 'quiet' days, and it was perfect! Lovely cake in the cafĂ© and an almost deserted woodland garden to explore, bordered by lakes and mountains on all sides.

0.37sec-1 min: Muckross Traditional Farm near Killarney. We took a day trip to Killarney and stopped off here - the girls had a wonderful time. One of their highlights!

1min: One of the various times we visited the beach just before bedtime to run off some energy!

1min 23sec: One of our many long walks. I think this one was about six miles and I was so impressed with how well the girls walked. I struggled with my 31week bump!

1min 31sec: Part of a walk into mountains along the Kerry Way which was pretty misty and rainy in parts, but we enjoyed amazing views when the clouds parted.

1min 45sec: This was just before the rain cover blew off the carrier down that steep hill and Josh had to run down the mountain to get it!

1min 57sec: Our cottage in Caherdaniel.

2min 14sec: We managed to do so well in finding quiet, out of the way places to eat that turned out to provide delicious food! This was in a garden centre near Cork - although I was baking in the sunshine as it had been freezing every other day and I was not dressed accordingly!

2min 19sec: Some more shots of Derrynane beach, close to our cottage. These are taken from Abbey Island, a tidal island at the end of the beach. It is such a beautiful area!

2min 32sec: The view from our cottage.

2min 41sec: The ferry trip back was beautifully smooth and we were treated to a stunning sunset and jumping dolphins just as we arrived back to Fishguard.

More photos of trip to Ireland are HERE.

Our other holiday videos: Family Holiday to Mull // Yurt Farm Glamping // Bluestone 

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