Simple Hospitality

I am so excited to introduce a new blog series which has been buzzing around in my head for over a year: Simple Hospitality. Every Monday between now and Christmas we will be exploring what it means to offer biblical hospitality and how we can practically carry it out.

Firstly I want to make it clear that I am not writing this because I consider myself some sort of expert at hospitality. Over the last few years God has been growing in me a love for church family and building community and I firmly believe that hospitality is an important way of doing that. It didn’t take me long after Josh was ordained to realise why God had been preparing me in this way; since we moved to Pembrokeshire our house has been full of people! Every week we host friends, visitors and church meetings and I’ve very quickly had to get used to people dropping in at all times.

This doesn’t come naturally to me. Although I love the idea of an open house I’m a perfectionist, I over plan and obsess about needless details; my natural reaction is keep someone standing on the door step rather than let them see the crumbs on my kitchen floor! However, God hasn’t blessed us with this home just so I can gloat over my new cushions but instead to use it for his work and that’s where the idea for this blog series came about.

But why simple hospitality?

- Simply do hospitality
I want to encourage myself and others to let go of everything that stops us from showing hospitality and sharing our lives with others. We so often make excuses or make ourselves too busy, but instead let’s make hospitality a priority.

- Do hospitality simply
I so often overcomplicate hospitality. Sharing our homes with one another doesn’t have to include a five course meal by candlelight and a super clean house – that’s not real life! We’ll be exploring some of the ways in which we can simplify hosting guests and some organisational tips to get you prepared in advance!

I hope you will join me over the coming weeks in encouraging one another:

1. Simple Hospitality
2. What is hospitality?
3. How to prepare your heart for hospitality
4. How to be ready for guests in 20 minutes or under
5. Things to include in your guest room
6. How to host parents with babies
7. How to host large families (guest post)
8. 10 reasons why you should be showing hospitality
9. Easy entertaining recipes
10. Guest meal records (free printable)
11. Entertainment ideas for hospitality
12. Welcome gift labels (free printable)
13. Get a visitors book
14. Alternative hospitality ideas
15. What not to do when you’re hosting
16. Make 2015 a year of simple hospitality

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Summer Life

Over the last few weeks I have either been too busy or too tired to blog, and when I remember that it’s only been two months since Josh’s ordination I realise why I feel exhausted. We have tried to jump into life here with both feet and as a result have crammed a lot into the last ten weeks which has helped us feel at home here very quickly.  

We have loved getting to know our new church family and have been busy going to events, meeting and eating with people and starting a summer bible study which has met weekly in our home. We’ve also thrived off the opportunity to explore our new area and go for long walks. We still can’t believe that we get to live in such a beautiful part of the world and we make time to visit the beach several times a week!

This week has had a definite Autumny feel in the air and I’m looking forward to the new school term beginning next week. I have missed the structure of regular clubs and groups and have been feeling pretty lethargic over the last few days. I can’t wait to get stuck in and find out what ‘normal’ life will feel like here in Pembrokeshire!