Hyperemesis, Worry and Joy

For the last seven years I have loved recording and sharing our lives on this blog, but every so often something crops up that I cannot share publically and yet it is so all consuming that I cannot bring myself to continue posting as if nothing was going on. The last couple of months have been such a time and it’s only now that I can explain my silence.

The truth is…I’m pregnant again! We are so excited to be welcoming another little baby into our family next April, but not all has gone smoothly with the pregnancy so far and the last couple of months have been quite stressful.

Unfortunately at our dating scan it was found that the baby had a high level of fluid at the back of its neck and also a possible cyst which can be a symptom of chromosomal, developmental or heart problems. We were referred to specialists in Cardiff and had to wait a nail-biting week for more tests. I can’t really explain how we have felt over the last little while; we knew we would love our baby whatever happened but at the same time every parent longs for their child to be happy and healthy. Although a lot of tears were shed I can honestly say that I felt God’s presence and peace through it all too. 

We had more in-depth scans on Tuesday and were overjoyed that the fluid had reduced to a level that was considered safe. The fluid is still “prominent” so we will continue to have regular checks and scans in Cardiff, but for now the doctors have stopped mentioning scary sounding terms and tests.

For the last seven weeks or so I have also been suffering from Hyperemesis Gravidarum which is an extreme form of pregnancy sickness characterised by 24/7 nausea and vomiting, severe exhaustion and a sense of smell to rival any blood hound. I’m loathed to complain about any part of pregnancy as it’s such a blessing but I must admit this has been horrible. For the last three weeks or so I have barely been able to eat or drink anything and was admitted into hospital this week to spend a few days on an IV drip and sickness medication. 

I have returned home today feeling drained, but much better than I have for weeks and it is a joy to be able to eat something again. I’m just praying that from now on I am able to control the nausea and continue to tolerate food and drink.  

Josh has been absolutely amazing over the last few weeks and has juggled working full time and looking after me, Ivy and the house. We’ve also been so grateful to family and friends for their prayers, support and practical kindness at this difficult time. We’ve felt loved.

I really hope this is the beginning of the end of a difficult few months and that I can begin to enjoy this pregnancy soon!


Blogging Break

Over the last few weeks we have been on holiday but since we have returned home, due to unforeseen circumstances, I have fallen behind with blogging and most particularly in our Simple Hospitality series.

I'm sorry for the unscheduled posting break, but we shall resume normal service next week and shall pick up the hospitality series where we left off.

Much love, R