We have just returned from a two week holiday in Co. Kerry in the southwest of Ireland.

It was generally a great trip, although it wasn't particularly relaxing (let's be honest - having two young kids and being seven months pregnant and anaemic felt like hard work at points!). However, it was lovely having Josh all to ourselves for two whole weeks and getting to explore a new part of the world.

The scenery in Kerry is absolutely wonderful and our cottage was right next to the beach. Unfortunately we had rain every day we were away which made things difficult, but we dodged the showers and managed to enjoy getting outside. Most days I was layered up in winter clothing so it has been a shock to come back to a heatwave in the UK!

The kids loved exploring new places and as always I was so impressed with Ivy as she (mostly!) kept up with us as we went climbing up into the mountains without complaining.
I especially loved seeing the joy of the kids faces as they played and explored on the beach - definitely the highlight of our holiday.

We have hit the ground running this weekend on our return home but I hope to have time to write some more updates soon.

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Alys is Two!

At the end of April our sweet Alys Rose turned two!

I took the girls down to Devon for the Easter holidays so we celebrated her birthday with a walk on Dartmoor and a picnic in a field of flowers, followed by a quiet birthday tea at my parent's house. The following week we visited Folly Farm with a few friends and the kids were in heaven!

At two years old...

// Alys is a happy, friendly and affectionate little girl who seems to have grown up a lot in the last couple of months. She loves to be sociable but is also a Mummy's girl.
She is really confident and will happily run off to explore new things, including stroking any animal she comes in contact with!

// her speech development has been a bit slow, but maybe that's because I'm comparing it to Ivy who talked really early. She seems to be learning lots of new words recently though and has been really good at communicating what she wants in other ways.

// she is pretty good at independent play and especially seems to like her 'Happy Land' set - playing with the little people and houses. She also likes books (with limited attention!) and being outdoors. She's already good at walking and can cover a couple of miles on our walks before going in the carrier.
Her sister is her favourite ever person and they play so nicely together.

// she loves food. Having already experienced having a fussy child it brings me SO MUCH JOY that she will generally eat whatever is put in front of her. She loves vegetables, especially peas, corn and cherry tomatoes, but is not a huge fan of bread (the opposite of her sister!).

// Alys generally sleeps all night, but can be unpredictable. She will still have a (2 hour+) nap in the afternoon but it's got to the point that she won't settle for ages in the evening if she has slept in the afternoon. I know I need to cut the nap - or at least limit it - but it's very tempting to still put her down as she gets grisly (and I want some quiet!).

It's hard to imagine a time when Alys wasn't around - we love her so much!

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Alys at ONE / Ivy at TWO


Back to Life

So...hello. Long time no speak!

It's kind of awkward to start a blog post when you haven't written anything for six months as it's hard to know where to begin, so I'm just going to plough on into it and see where we go.

I've made a tentative resolution to myself that I should start posting again at least once a week. I miss recording our life and it has showed in the last year; I find it so hard to remember anything we have done or achieved. Our girls are another year older and I have been awful at recording their milestones!

My break from blogging has been mainly due to one factor: I've been growing another human!

We found out I was expecting again just before Christmas and I spent the first three months of 2017 hibernating due to suffering from Hyperemesis Gravidarum (extreme morning sickness). You might remember that I posted before about my health struggles in my pregnancy with Alys, but even though I knew what to expect the realities of being so poorly with two children to look after really knocked us for six.
We also had our share of winter bugs go through the family, including a bout of flu for everyone during which I don't think I have ever felt more ill.
It's surprising how quickly your recollections of difficult times fade once they are over but wow...it was a tough few months physically, mentally and spiritually.

It took me until about 18 weeks pregnant to stop feeling sick every waking moment and until 22 weeks pregnant until I could say I felt back to my normal(ish) self - I'm now 25 weeks.

It's such a relief to feel like we're back on an even keel and have life back under control. Even small things like packing a lunch bag and doing the school run were beyond me for weeks (I couldn't even go into the kitchen without being violently sick) so you can imagine the impact it had on family life.

We're so excited to welcome a new member of the family in August...and it's going to be another GIRL!

I think a lot of people expect us to have wanted a boy but I'm quite happy we're having another girl, plus it saves us having to buy any clothes!

One up-side of being so poorly was that all I could manage to do with the kids were quiet activities from my bed. We must have read a million books and filled some colouring books. It's given me a new appreciation of just being with the kids and enjoying them without becoming distracted and stressed by having a million and one chores to do.
I'm intentionally trying not to take back some of the responsibilities that I had before so that I can be more focussed on our home life; I'm loving the simplicity of it!

So that's a bit of an update on our lives. I hope to share more soon. Much love x