Isle of Mull Video

I finally got round to editing some of the footage I took of our family holiday to the Isle of Mull back in May. This video brings back so many happy memories from our time away and makes me want to go back so badly! It truly was a magical place.

Also, can we just talk about how young Alys looks in these clips...my babies are growing up too fast!

You can see more photos from our holiday HERE

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Epic Catch Up

Hi Friends! As you will have noticed the blog has been sadly neglected over the last few months...children, church and general life haven't left much time or energy left over for blogging lately. But I know that I will regret not recording such a large chunk of my year as I do refer back to old posts regularly to look at photos and remind myself of what we were up to...so with calendar and phone in hand here's some highlights from the last few months:

>> In July we packed up the kids and visited a Christian festival call Momentum with several of our friends from church. I was so worried about the kids sleeping in a tent together, but miraculously they both slept pretty well and we had a fun - but exhausting - few days together.

>> Alys took her first steps on the 3rd August....and is now into absolutely everything and never stops! This was her first time out in the garden in shoes.

>> I was kind of dreading the summer holidays as I hate not having a routine with the kids, but it actually turned out okay. I spent a couple of weeks down in Devon staying with my family with the girls and Josh joined us for a bit too.

>> I turned thirty in August! We celebrated by having two nights away from the kids in a swanky hotel. It was longest we'd ever been way from the kids together, and the first time we'd left Alys overnight. They had a great time with our friends and to say we enjoyed our time away would be an understatement! LOVED IT!

>> Josh's boss went on a three month sabbatical starting in September, so once the new school term started life got incredibly busy. We have enjoyed the challenge of running this busy parish and survived with only a few bumps in the road!

>> I organised a ladies' retreat day with church in October and had so much fun planning it all. We had some great teaching, and we made some sugar scrubs and bath salts too!

>> Can we just take a moment to mourn Ivy's hair? I came back from the ladies' day and Josh had taken her to the hair dressers...and had SEVEN INCHES cut off. That's all I'm going to say about that.

>> We were feeling pretty exhausted by mid October so managed to book a super last minute glamping break to Abergavenny for three days. It wasn't the most relaxing time away but it was good to spend time together and enjoy some time outside. The stars were simply amazing.

>> Other than that we've just been keeping busy...enjoying the beautiful Autumn weather, playing games, doing endless puzzles, learning our letters, baking up treats, visiting with people, running groups, going to meetings, designing publicity....the list is as varied as our days.

Don't forget that I regularly post pictures and mini-updates over on Instagram, so if I'm not here I'm probably there! You can also find me on the links below...

Thanks for reading if you've made it to the end! Keep us updated with your news too! xx

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At the end of September my beautiful girl turned four!

Josh had to be away on a conference for Ivy's birthday, but we celebrated by going to Folly Farm the day before and I tried to make her actual birthday as fun as possible. We went out to lunch after school and played with all her new toys and ate way too much cake :)

Ivy has never really asked for any present before this year, and she only wanted one thing; a watch. She was so excited to receive a pink Peppa Pig watch...which prompt broke later that day - ooops! She's now got a better pink upgrade which she loves!

A few days later we continued the celebrations with a party. Ivy has been saying she wants a Bloody Nosed Beetle cake for her birthday for about sixth months. Completely normal right?!?!? Do you remember last year when I had to make a ridiculous camel cake, well this was stretching my baking competence to new levels. I decided to make it an insect themed party and bought some friendly insects to put on her cake! (SOOO much easier!).
She also had a Frozen bouncy castle so basically she was in heaven. Bloody Nosed Beetles and Frozen...her life was complete!!

At four Ivy:

// is a bright, curious, hilarious and stubborn little girl. She knows what she wants and she never stops talking!

// is doing so well in pre-school and can now recognise letters and write and read simple words. Her vocabulary is amazing!

// still loves fish and chips! She is still pretty fussy with food but has improved...she even likes peas now so miracles do happen.

// loves to play in dens, have books read to her, practice her writing and go to the park or a cafĂ©! Her favourite things to watch are Frozen, Peppa Pig and Topsy and Tim (which is a bad influence - she's constantly telling me she needs glasses, or she has nits, or her tummy hurts so she must have appendicitis!)

// loves talking about God! She has a million questions that I sometimes don't know how to answer and loves to pray for people. The other day I said I had a headache and she came straight up to me, lay a hand on my head and prayed it would go. My heart melted! I think she actually likes it if I have ailments just so she can pray, ha!

// is so caring of her sister and they (mostly) play really well together. They are definitely a duo! She's still a very sociable child and would rather play with people than toys, although she is more shy of strangers nowadays.

I can't wait to see what the next year brings!

See Ivy at ONE, TWO and THREE

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