Summer Life

Over the last few weeks I have either been too busy or too tired to blog, and when I remember that it’s only been two months since Josh’s ordination I realise why I feel exhausted. We have tried to jump into life here with both feet and as a result have crammed a lot into the last ten weeks which has helped us feel at home here very quickly.  

We have loved getting to know our new church family and have been busy going to events, meeting and eating with people and starting a summer bible study which has met weekly in our home. We’ve also thrived off the opportunity to explore our new area and go for long walks. We still can’t believe that we get to live in such a beautiful part of the world and we make time to visit the beach several times a week!

This week has had a definite Autumny feel in the air and I’m looking forward to the new school term beginning next week. I have missed the structure of regular clubs and groups and have been feeling pretty lethargic over the last few days. I can’t wait to get stuck in and find out what ‘normal’ life will feel like here in Pembrokeshire!



30/52 This week you enjoyed playing with your Granny following an impromptu visit.

31/52 We have had a busy week of meeting up with various friends and people from church. You have also enjoyed playing with your early birthday present and screaming ‘one, two, three…SLIDE!’.

32/52 We have had another busy week, ended by a fun (but far to short) 28 hours in Nottingham to see Tom and Naomi. We didn’t get home until after 12am on Sunday but you slept in the car and were very well behaved.

33/52 This week has been spent in Aberystwyth as Daddy was attending a conference. We had lots of fun catching up with friends, eating tapas and most importantly meeting your new cousin for the first time. You are absolutely besotted with him.

34/52 We have had a fun week with Uncle Nathan and Auntie Jenny visiting. We went to Folly Farm on Tuesday and you loved seeing the animals. You’re also gaining confidence on play equipment and love tackling the big slides and frames in the park (much to my horror!).